Tomovies Inc.

We are a CG animation studio that produces, with the help of a small, highly-skilled staff and a network of creators around the country, TV series, movies, websites, apps,and commercials.

(Major Works:KAGEWANI, Working Buddies)

We are developingoriginal IP with an eye to expanding overseas.

Our short film Don’t Cry won multiple awards at movie festivals in four countries,

including Hollywood, and was screened in 10 countries worldwide.

Overview, Bio and award history are below introduction of our animation.

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Genre: Monster Panic, Horror

Concept: An original animation project by Tomovies. Very popular in three Asian countries. Each episode is a standalone story about a different person being attackedby monsters, but also ties into a larger story about a professor and pharmaceutical company that are chasing the monsters.

Successes: Broadcast in both Asia and North America. The DVD received a 5-star rating on Amazon. We have created two successful attraction-style movies for the project, and a third is in the works. The story received 7.5 million views on amajor Chinese video site, and was #1 on a major Korean digital comics site.

It has a successful permanent attraction at Japan’s largest theme park, as well as events and other merchandise.

Runtime: 7 Minutes 50 Seconds
Length: 26 Episodes

Working Buddies!

Genre: Kids, Comedy

Concept: A TV anime series about two cats who try out different types of part-time jobs. With the help of their cheerful animal co-workers, they experiences different types of jobs like working at a cafe, wiping windows on a high rise building, or working for a railway. Can be watched as a TV series or as a single longer work.

Successes: Season 1 was broadcast in Asia and North America. Season 2 airs in July. 60 types of merchandise are planned, along with collaboration projects with major department stores and famous companies.

Runtime: 3 Minutes
Length: 26 Episodes (Two of which are a drama and variety program)

DON'T CRY (short)

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, adventure


Concept: An original animation project by Tomovies. 

In this era, AI has come to power. Birthing limits were implemented in order to managethe AI population that has grown too much. 
Although AI’s threatening, illegal birth laws are no end of mankind’s desire. The parents and children would be killed if exposed by government. The couple are heading the port toward the resistance force called the ‘Human Tribe’ to save the children.  AI was approaching behind them.


Successes: won awards at four international movie festivals, including one in Hollywood.

Runtime: 12 Minutes

Length: 1 Episodes

Tomovies LLC Overview

Concept: Tomovies wants to make cultural content that will be passed down to future generations,

We work mostly with CG animation and content planning and development.


Company Name:Tomovies LLC

Established: 5/1/2014

Executive Officers: CEO: Tomoya Takashima


Scope of Business:
1.) Planning and production for CG animation.
2.) Planning and production for web/TV content.
3.) Planning and production for movie, commercial,

     game, comic, and corporate video package content.
4.) Any additional business relating to the above.


Primary Development Environments

AdobeCC2018 ~ CS6 cinema4D MAYA Unity Live2D MOHO 

Major Projects

TV Program “Working Buddies! 2”  (2018・TOKYOMX / BS Fuji) new!
Director (Partial Scriptwriter) Tomoya Takashima
Original Production Contractor Tomovies


TV Program “Working Buddies!”  (2018・TOKYOMX / BS Fuji) new!
Director (Partial Scriptwriter) Tomoya Takashima
Original Production Contractor Tomovies


TV Program “World Roots Adventure Team” (2017 TV Asahi)
Animation Part, Illustration Production


TV Program “The World Right Now – JETRO Global Eye” (2017 Nikkei CNBC)
OP Production


TV Program “Kids Can”  (2017 Kids Station)
Animation Part Production


Motion Comic “The World’s In Love With Nakashima!”
Animation Part Production


TV Program “Kagewani Season 2” (2016 TokyoMX/BS11)
Original Work and Direction Tomoya Takashima


TV Program “Kagewani” (2016 TokyoMX/BS11)
Original Work and Direction Tomoya Takashima


Learning  Aid DVD “English” 2015
CG Animation Production


Movie “Kobitozukan Kakuremomojiri no Himitsu no Rakuen” (2014 Directions)
Short Omnibus Anime
Director Scriptwriter Tomoya Takashima


TV Program Yamishibai (Season 1) (2013 TV Tokyo)

Director Tomoya Takashima


TV Program Bit World (2011 – 2016 Directions)
Corner Illustrations, Other Work


TV Program Yo-gaku Style (2010 M-ONTV!)
Music Program / OP ED Corner / Design Production


CM “Boy Detective Vs. Baron Diamond” (2009 Fuji TV)
SMAP x SMAP Bridge / Direction Production


TV Program “Hoshi Shinichi Shot Shot” (2008 NHK)
Short Omnibus Anime / Direction Production


 Others (Live Action Composition/VFX Production / Motion Comic /

Learning Aid DVDs / Smartphone App Commercials /

Corporate Video Packages / Event Movies / 3D Material Production, etc.)


DON'T CRY (short)

[Awards Received]

ゆうばり国際ファンタスティック映画祭2018 - アニメーション優秀企画賞

Sydney World Film Festival - Best Animation Short

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - the HIMPFF Award Animation Short

The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival - BEST AWARD

Yubari International Fantastic Movie Festival 2018 Superior Animation Project Awards – new!

[Entries & Showings]

The 12th Athens Animfest / The Art All night 2017 / Animation Chico  / Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2017

Barcelona Planet Film Festival / Boston Short Film Festival / Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Cardiff International Film Festival /Cartoon Club Rimini / Chaktomuk Short Film Festival

EMAKIMONO - Japanese Film Series (Finalist) / Expressions Short Film Festival / Fake Flesh Film Fest

Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2017 (Finalist) / Fylde Film Showcase 2017

Kinofilm 14th Edition, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival / Los Angeles Cine Fest (Finalist)

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (Finalist) / Macabro: Mexico City International Horror Film Festival
Marquee on Main (Finalist) / Miami Epic Trailer Festival 2017 (Finalist)

Movievalley Bazzacinema 2017 (Finalist) / Open World Animation Festival 2017
Ouchy Film Awards 2017 / Regina International Film Festival 2017 / Ploiesti International Film Festival 2017

Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF2017) (Finalist) / The PhotoShare

The World Animation Celebration / Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2017